ResCarta Tools Version 7.0.0 Release Notes

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Additions / Improvements

  • General
    • Support for video objects has been added.
    • Support for multiple collection abstracts with language attributes has been added.
    • Support for collection user and group permissions has been added.
    • Support for collection IP filtering has been added.
    • Apache Lucene has been upgraded to 7.2.1.
  • Data Conversion Tool
    • A preferences dialog allowing configuration of Ghostscript and FFmpeg paths has been added.
    • MP3 audio derivatives are now written during data conversion.
  • ResCarta-Web
    • A IIIF Image API implementation has been added.
    • A IIIF Presentation API implementation has been added.
    • An embedded Mirador viewer has been added.
    • The audio streaming servlet now properly supports range requests.
    • An HTML5 audio player is now used for all browsers.
    • JQuery has been upgraded to 3.3.1.
    • JQuery UI has been upgraded to 1.12.1

Bugs Fixed

  • General
    • A bug causing large audio files not to play in desktop tools has been fixed.
  • Data Conversion Tool
    • UI alignment issues have been fixed.
  • ResCarta-Web
    • A bug causing sub-collections not to sort properly has been fixed.
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