ResCarta Tools Version 6.0.8 Release Notes

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Additions / Improvements

  • General
    • Java 8 or later is required to install the software.
    • OpenJDK 11 support has been added.
    • Windows launchers will now look for Java in the JAVA_HOME and PATH environment variables in addition to the registry.
    • Spell check has been added to the metadata panels.
    • PDFBox has been upgraded to 2.0.13.
    • JAI has been upgraded to To support OpenJDK, this version of JAI writes JPEG compressed TIFF files using the ImageIO JPEG codec.
    • A new command line tool for adding metadata to PDF files from an Excel spreadsheet has been added.
  • Data Conversion Tool
    • Anti-aliasing is now used when converting "normal" grayscale and color PDF files.
  • Collections Manager
    • A new mode, enabled by the command line parameter --add-by-dir, has been added to aid in managing collections for large data volumes.
    • The collection metadata read and write operations are now executed in a separate thread and progress is displayed.
  • Indexer
    • Multiple contiguous spaces are now collapsed to single spaces when creating facets.
    • A new option, enabled by the command line Java parameter, has been added. When the option is enabled, the indexer will attempt to remove trailing dates from title facets.
  • ResCarta-Web
    • A new service endpoint to easily access thumbnails via the OAI record identifier has been added.
    • The minimum length for search suggestions is now 3 characters.
    • A new configuration parameter for adjusting the tile renderer JPEG quality has been added.

Bugs Fixed

  • ResCarta-Web
    • A possible resource leak when creating bitone PDF files from TIFF has been fixed.
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