ResCarta Tools Version 5.0.1 Release Notes

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Additions / Improvements

  • ResCarta-Web
    • Added reference URL links to browse, search results, and image viewer pages.
    • Added creator and photographer object detail fields.
    • Added print button to metadata dialog.

Bugs Fixed

  • Data Conversion Tool
    • ISO language check is now performed after user defined JavaScript is executed.
  • ResCarta-Web
    • The "facets enabled" configuration option now functions properly.
    • BWF files are now opened read-only when generating waveforms.
    • Fixed a bug causing author results not to be highlighted in object detail display.
    • Fixed a bug causing the bottom separator bar to incorrectly appear at the top of the search results page.
    • Publication date results are now highlighted in object detail display.
    • When empty, the note field is now hidden within the metadata viewer.
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