ResCarta Tools Version 5.0.0 Release Notes

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Additions / Improvements

  • General
    • Added support for sub-collections.
    • Added support for alternate identifiers.
    • Added support for geographic and temporal subjects.
    • PDF color detection has been improved.
  • Collections Manager
    • Added "Title, publication date" view.
    • Collection panel object view is now persisted.
  • Indexer
    • New index format adding support for facets, sub-collections, date range queries, and wildcard queries with up to three terms.
  • ResCarta-Web
    • Facet browsing has been added.
    • Date range search has been added.
    • Simple search now supports unlimited search clauses.
    • Support for multiple, administrator defined, browse page sort orders has been added.
    • Data can now be reloaded using the administration interface.
    • Up to 3 terms are now supported for suggestions and wildcard queries.
    • Improved state management for browsing with multiple tabs.
    • ResCarta-Web will now run without a valid ResCarta data volume directory, allowing the administrator to configure the web application using the administration interface.
  • Checksum Verification Tool
    • Added command line interface.
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