ResCarta Tools Version 4.0.2 Release Notes

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Additions / Improvements

  • ResCarta-Web
    • A URL back to the current page has been added to the image viewer metadata display.
    • The smoothness theme now uses a lighter background for browse items.
    • The browse collections page now has a cleaner look when thumbnail sliders are disabled.

Bugs Fixed

  • General
    • Fixed a bug causing image display exceptions on OSX.
  • Data Conversion Tool
    • Fixed a bug causing an inappropriate identifier element value to be stored in page level MODS records.
    • Fixed a bug causing an exception when resampling images to a higher resolution than the source.
  • Collections Manager
    • When writing Dublin Core metadata the correct type is now used for photo and audio recording objects.
  • Checksum Verification Tool
    • Checksum comparisons are now case insensitive.
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